Crawford's Cottage

Gleaning new life and purpose in small and unexpected places

Fort Collins, CO | Est. 2022

Who we are

Phil and Kelli are lifelong learners and have been part of the Fort Collins community since 2009.

Crawford's Cottage was born from our shared love of exploring and growing our passions in innovative ways.

We find opportunities to garden, woodwork, and sew in a small space, on a budget, and with limited time.

Planting soon!

Our plants are started from seed from local growers, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Botanical Interests, MIGardener, and the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers. We also save seed from year to year from our own plants.

We’ll be ordering seeds soon for the 2024 season. Let us know what you’d like to see!

Use coupon code “CrawfordsCottage” for 10% off seeds from Alliance of Native Seedkeepers

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Snow Covered Trees

Our Plants are

Whimsical Plant Illustration

Peat and Perlite-Free

We avoid the using products with peat or perlite. Peat plays an important role in sequestering carbon, and harvesting and using it releases enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses. We also avoid perlite because the process to make it relies so heavily on fossil fuels.


We use heirloom seeds so that we can save viable, reliable plants from year to year, continuing the genetics of the varieties in our collection.


We take pride in growing strong, sturdy plants. We use natural, organic soil material and plant food. We also harden off all of our plants before they go to your garden.

Seedlings on Seedling Tray
brush marks, ink stain, hand drawn brush paint, brush stroke

Planting soon!

Reach out to us via email, Facebook Messenger, or Farmish with questions!